Sales & Service

We are the strongest sales team to ensure our customer get the perfect product on time. We also promised to enable smooth experience with all instruments by providing premium service from our service engineers.

Customer Care / Support

We are available on calls & mails to give our customers best experince the support on thier orders and product details. Feel free to call us anytime. Connect us on Social too.

Warehouse and Delivery

We expanded our warehouse space to 1500 yards to maintain stock under different temperatures. Our professional delivery and packing team are strict with timely deliver products to our customers on time.

Why ICON Biosystems?

M/s ICON Biosystems is a 20 years experienced enterprise, having experience and proven track record of serving the Scientific and Healthcare community with consumables, fine chemicals, kits and types of equipment to various Research Institutes, Universities, Pharma and Biotech Industries, Corporate and Governments Hospitals and Diagnostic Centres etc.

M/s ICON Biosystems deals with pioneer principles in this segment viz., Pall Life Sciences, Bioguard, Sigma, Merck, Equitron, Mettler – Toledo, Labnet, Ion Exchange, Biobase, Naberthem, N-Biotek, Blue Star, Celfrost, Scoutter and Idexx.

M/s ICON Biosystems is also proud to mention that we have been one of the leading suppliers in the entire nation to most of the companies that we been representing since last 20 years.

We have our operations spread in South India with four branch offices located at Chennai, Bengaluru, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam, which are catering to the requirements of the customers.


Need help?

We are available from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm to serve you on calls and mails.


We are available on e-Commerce. Select Seller as ICON Biosystems.